When you choose to partner with Alchemy Method, your business’ goals are transformed from a mere vision to a solid, strongly organized plan to evolve your business across social platforms, in an effort to drive traffic, increase brand awareness and loyalty and create a community passionate about all you have to offer. Our role, at Alchemy Method, is to execute the behind the scenes work so, you, our clients can dive head-first into your craft.

Alchemy Method is an ideal fit for dynamic small-to-medium sized businesses within the health & beauty, lifestyle and wellness industries. We are the result of an evolution from a pet project to a full-blown brand. We felt our passion and growth needed to be accurately represented by a bold, beautiful brand.

Founder of Alchemy Method, Amelia Fanion, is a creative soul with Type A tendencies. She finds balance within beauty and art and a ruthlessly organized planner.

Are you ready to focus on your craft and transform your business organically? Book a call with Amelia to talk next steps!