5 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Growth

You’ve created the IG presence that you’ve hoped for, have a solid brand voice, feel inspired to post new and fresh industry-leading ideas and enjoy the process of expanding your business through Instagram’s social platform, so, now what? Along with the free analytical tools that you can use to your advantage on IG, it is important to understand your social footprint to grow your following. Up until a certain point you may have felt that you were flowing along nicely, but now you feel as though your growth is a big stagnant, right? Spoiler alert: it happens to everyone so don’t stress it too much. Following these simple and effective ideas to grow your IG can boost your following number with people who want to learn from and grow with you.

Be yourself and stay connected

Well, this seems like a no-brainer, right? If you want to grow a following of people who believe in you and love what your business has to offer, show them who you are. Be transparent in your posts and share little snippets of your behind-the-scenes details. Sharing a piece of who you are with current and future clients builds a level of trust, even if they don’t know you personally. Stay connected and be consistent. Don’t just post and run away. Engage with your followers and respond to their questions and comments. A quick “like” on their positive comment can go a long way. Don’t ignore DMs from potential clients and do your best to respond with your most authentic brand voice.

Hashtags are everything

Seriously though… hashtags get you noticed when it comes to attracting organic traffic to your lane. Do your research and find out what hashtags are leading in your specific industry. Remember that people not only follow accounts, but also, hashtags for things that interest them. Max out the number of hashtags you can use per post to boost it as much as possible. Separate your hashtags from the content of your post to make it easier to read and more appealing to the eye. Your hashtags connect people to topics they are already interested in, so let them filter right to your page. Hashtags, alone, can increase your following and open new client doors for you from all over the globe, expanding your overall brand presence.

Consistent posts are essential

Consistency is the key to IG success. Don’t leave your followers hanging on when you will post next. Post at least once a day to keep engagement levels high and sharing tips and tools that your specific target audience gains value from. The relevancy of your content is just as important as the frequency in which you post, so make sure you are posting high-quality, industry specific pieces that excite your current and future followers. Use your IG analytics (they’re free, remember!) and figure out what time your followers are most engaged and use that as your guide to schedule your posts.

Mix up your content

Not all scrolling is created equal. Some people love to browse through the explore button while others love watching stories or videos. Post content for a variety of people and switch it up often. Share a story one day while posting a quick video the next. Make the most of the tools that IG offers by using variety to your advantage. Your target audience, no matter the market, wants to see you, hear your voice and engage with you through all different social outlets.

Ignore the hype of the quick fix

Sometimes we get blinded by the light of instant gratification and success. Avoid the DMs or emails you receive from companies offering to “grow your following by 500% for just $99” (or something outrageously similar). You’ve seen those, haven’t you? If not, consider yourself lucky. Sure, they may grow the number of accounts that follow you, but it won’t add any value to your business if those accounts are fake, don’t care about your niche or don’t engage with your IG feed in general. Conversion is the goal here, so find followers who care about your industry and fall in love with your business. Take the extra time and work to grow your following organically, the results will speak for itself.

The world of social media, IG (Insta, Instagram- whatever your preferred name preference is) included, can seem overwhelming if you’re trying to navigate it for the first time in the business sense. Understanding the key pointers to grow your followers, establish your name in the market and lay down a footprint in your niche is essential to using all social media outlets to your advantage. If you would like to learn more about how IG can grow your brand presence, let’s chat! I would love to take a deep look at your current social media accounts and provide pointers to up your game.

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