7 Best Apps for Social Media Content Creation

Content is queen when it comes to making your mark on social media. Your content is the way to get others excited about your brand and all the things you have to offer them. It can feel overwhelming to try and make posts that hit the A+ mark every, single time, but it’s not impossible to do with the help of some content apps available at your fingertips for some pretty decent prices. Now, I know what you’re thinking… “where do I start? There are like a million options out there that tell me they’ll make my posts the best thing ever!” B r e a t h e. I am here to break it down for you and give you the top 7 best apps available to make content that converts, all from your smartphone if you choose.


This image creation app is the ideal option for a quick design and post idea. With a plethora of fonts, colors, backgrounds and stock images you can easily create a professional piece in minutes. Add your logo, upload a photo direct from your phone and jazz it up with an eye-popping filter. This app has the ability to create for specific social platforms or direct-to-print pieces. Canva has both a free and pro option to choose from depending on your need and budget.


With this app, you can create and post social content quickly. You can customize pre-made templates to fit your brand with brand colors, fonts and logo. The best part is that you can post to all social platforms simultaneously, making it easily accessible for your entire following base. Ripl offers a social tracking feature allowing you to review analytics on a post by post basis as well as overtime to determine trends.


Hello, perfect video app! If you’re big into posting video to your social feeds or looking into adding video to your marketing plan to increase engagement, InShot is the app you need. With the ability to crop, merge and remove sections of video from your mobile device, you can create the perfect (edited!) video in no time. You can add text, graphics and motions graphics to any video you want. Add filters and effects to set the mood for the video as well.


This app is hands down the best option to make your IG stories stand out from the crowd. You can create stories with curated layout options, exclusive font choices and filters and effects that make your content excite your following. This is the ultimate app for “storytellers” according to UnFold themselves. Although originally targeted at just IG, you can use this across any social platform.


Much like Ripl, Over allows you to create content on the go. Providing curated content options, special fonts and images, along with a collaboration feature, you can create your brand from the bottom up through this app. Bonus: Over’s team provides tips and tricks to help you stand out from the crowd, so you’re never feeling creative exhaustion or scrambling for new ideas.


This app (and feature) is one of the most fun options for social stories. Add a little excitement to an everyday photo by adding filters and a boomerang to your video instead. These mini videos play on a loop allowing your followers to see a fun snippet of what you’re up to. Try it out and send me your boomerang.


This app, through Instagram, enables you to create time lapse videos, even in still motion. The coolest part is that you can shoot these in motion (sans a bulky tripod and uber expensive camera) while the app stabilizes and smooths out the video for you, instantly. You can speed up your hyperlapse by 12x the regular shot speed. No cost, signup or account needed (besides your standard IG).

Listen, there are so many apps out there claiming to give you the best social media plan and branding possible, I understand. Creating a plan takes more than just a handful of fancy apps, but with these helpful tools I talked about, you can elevate your social game significantly. If you are unsure if you need all 7 or not sure where to start when using these apps as part of your social plan, reach out! I would love to help you organize your strategy and integrate these apps into your marketing plan.

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