A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Your Business Instagram

When it comes to scaling your business from the ground up, social media should be an essential part of your marketing plan. Each platform, from your direct website to Facebook and Instagram should be created separately using the same brand themes based on your pre-established brand guide. Instagram is a force to be reckoned with, pulling in over one billion users a month, with 63% of people checking their IG feed daily. You may be an IG pro when it comes to sharing your personal life with those that you love, but your business IG should be completely separate. Use this guide to help you establish a solid IG presence, for your business, from scratch.

Create a stellar bio

One of the first steps in creating your IG page, after signing up, is to create your bio. You can’t do much else without including some pieces about who you are and what you represent. Some quick tips to make sure your bio is optimized are:

1. Choose a profile picture that will be easily recognizable as your brand. A good rule of thumb is to use your logo as your profile picture as long as it won’t get skewed in the resizing process.

2. Include your website’s homepage so that current and potential followers can easily check out what you have to offer, whenever they want.

3. Optimize your bio with brand and industry appropriate hashtags.

4. Include your mission statement to ensure everyone understands what you have to offer and what you stand for.

5. Choose and include your niche so that you can grow your following organically with those followers who are already interested (and searching for things!) in your respective market.

6. Keep your privacy setting as public to show your openness to share your brand with the digital world.

Tailor each post to reach a marketing goal you have

You want your posts to seem effortless to your followers, without being too pushy or over the top, but they should always be posted with a plan in mind. Ask yourself these questions before posting:

1. Does this post convert browsers to up my follower count?

2. What goals do I hope to achieve with this post? Post likes or shares? An increased follower count? A higher website conversion rate? A sale? Deeper customer engagement?

3. Who is my target audience, within my followers, that I am trying to excite?

4. What emotions does my post provoke?

5. Does this fit my brand story?

Aside from having a goal in mind with each post, be sure to post during your followers' most engaging days and times to ensure you are getting the word out. Although some posts can be “just for fun” aim to keep those to a minimum and plan your posts out in advance. Be purposeful with your time and energy. Be intentional with your content.

Commit to a consistent posting schedule

Consistency is key when it comes to all things business. Don’t keep your followers wondering when the next post will be. Find a happy medium between post fatigue (or oversharing) and not posting enough. Set your schedule and be open to adjusting as you see fit based on analytics and engagement levels. Once you establish a schedule for your followers they will be looking out for your posts with enthusiasm.

Tell meaningful stories

Use the free features that are offered on IG to your advantage. On top of sharing content via standard posts, share stories often to keep your following engaged. Over 500 million people use and view stories daily- talk about a growth opportunity! Keep your stories short and fun, while engaging your current and future follower base. Switch it up with each story, toggling between polls, questions and content shares.

Explore the magic of IG ads

If you find yourself hitting a plateau of followers and engagement, consider tapping into the magic that is IG ads. You can boost specific posts to reach a target audience of your choosing for minimal cash. Setting the criteria for your post, from age and gender to location and length of optimization, you are sure to grow your following. Make sure to tailor your content to match your target audience. Be short and concise in your call to action and use an engaging photo that exudes your brand story.

Starting anything from scratch can be scary and overwhelming. Don’t overthink the process and stay true to the roots of what your business means to you. Sharing your truest self through your business will boost your overall connectivity and authenticity rating. If you are struggling to create the IG that you envision or just need a little bit of extra help to add some pizzazz to a current account, contact me. I would love to help walk you through the process and create an IG platform that fits the needs of your business.

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