Captions That Convert

You’ve worked through creating, what feels like, the marketing plan of your dreams, filled with rich blog content, eye-catching photos and an informative website. You may be getting the likes you want on social media, but you can’t seem to engage followers with the details of each IG or Facebook post. Don’t worry, I am here to give you the inside scoop of creating content that converts. Client conversion happens when you excite your followers with captions that are valuable to them. One of the most overlooked parts of social media is creating captions that matter to, current and potential, followers.

Size matters

One thing to always remain mindful of is the length of your caption. Don’t get overly wordy or too lengthy with your post, as readers will be easily deterred from the amount of words you have written. Although there is not a post length ideal, be concise and to the point. If you choose to opt for a post longer in length, to convey all necessary information, be sure to break it up with spacing and emojis to keep the reader’s attention throughout. Oversharing can lead to brand exhaustion from the consumer if the information you are providing does not excite all the way through the post. Remember, too, that post length differs by social platform. The goal length for Facebook is 60 to 80 characters which is a lot shorter than Instagram at 130-150 characters. Posts within these length parameters received 66% more engagement than those that were longer. IG users should also note that the visibility of your caption gets cut off after 150 characters, so the reader will have to hit “more” to read the full content. Short and sweet always wins.

Industry-leading hashtags are important

We’ve talked about this before, but hashtags are essential. Seriously! Make sure to include them in every social post, across all platforms. Be consistent with your hashtags and use them correctly. Research the hottest hashtags in your industry often so that you are always in-the-know about what is trending in your niche. You will gain followers, and clients, just through hashtag conversion. Have key hashtags that you include with each post and add in others that are relevant to the specifics of each post. This allows you to touch base with those in your industry as well as those interested in the topics you are covering.

A strong call-to-action is necessary

What’s the point of making a killer post without a call to action? Hint: there isn’t really a point. Your posts should excite, engage and convert every time. Without a call to action they may cover the first two bases, but conversion happens when you ask your followers to do something. Tell them to check out the link in your bio for the latest blog content, ask them to swipe up on your story to shop the latest trends, tell them to DM you to book a personalized call or lead them to your website where they can learn more about all things Y-O-U. The more they know, the more they will become enthralled with what you have to offer.

Personal value provides winning approach

Creating captions that speak to your audience is vital in establishing a deep connection with them. Create content (and captions!) that speak to their wants, needs and desires. Knowing your audience well solidifies brand loyalty. People who feel heard, through your content, will want to purchase your products and services. Keep your finger on the pulse by engaging with your following often. Remember to stay authentic to your brand voice when you engage with your followers to ensure they are receiving the same experience with you no matter the platform.

Understanding how to convert browsers into brand loyalists is necessary to build your following and broaden your brand footprint. Caption creation should be part of your marketing strategy. If you are creating captions with low conversion rates, I can help! Reach out to me today and let’s bring your captions to the next level.

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