Happy Holidays Already? Plan Your Holiday Strategy Now!

The holiday season feels so far away, but we have less than 10 weeks in front of us until Thanksgiving hits. Can you believe it? 2020 has flown by. Nothing feels more like the start of the holiday season than indulging in all things fall throughout the next few months, right? If I close my eyes, I can practically smell the aroma of pumpkin spice and taste the warm cider doughnuts. Right now is the best time to deck your home with all the fall décor you can find from your latest HomeGoods haul, but it’s also the best time to lay out your holiday marketing plan and get ahead of all of the time-consuming, but beautifully intricate details.

Give thanks

The holiday season is all about showing the ones you love just how much you love them. Spending time together, exchanging gifts and indulging in delicious food is on the to-do list of almost everyone through the end of the year. Now, more than ever, you should show your clients some extra love. Increase your social engagement hours over the next couple of months so that you are tapped into your client base more intimately. Create your marketing plan around the idea of extensive customer engagement. Share customer testimonials and client wins via social media. Ask yourself how you can become more connected with your clients over the next couple of months. What does that look like in your niche? Include and aim to grow your following ahead of the new year as part of your strategy this season. Starting 2021 with an increased number of followers, who believe in your brand, is a gift in itself.

‘Tis the season to create holiday branding

If you’ve thought about making a change to your branding, the holiday season is the perfect time to switch it up a little bit. Stay true to your core marketing theme, while adding hints of holiday cheer to your social media, e-mail marketing and content. Aim to excite your followers about the upcoming holiday season and all you have to offer throughout it. Provide sneak peeks at your latest pending new releases and special behind-the-scenes holiday edition stories and posts. Pro tip: Include your logo and basic branding staples to easily stay known to your current followers. Your holiday branding should be seen as a cheery extension of your current brand.

Play into holiday nostalgia on social media

The holiday season feels like a magical time for almost everyone. Play into that sentiment by adding a bit of holiday cheer to each of your social posts without being tacky or over the top about it. Think about sharing some of your favorite holiday pastimes with your following through IG stories that give them a glimpse at who you are, staying true to brand authenticity. When you think of the entirety of the holiday season, most people find joy in nostalgia, reminiscing on past years, while continuing to create new traditions and memories. What can your brand do to create a tradition for your client each season? Start one this year and use it for years to come.

Gift your loyal following with a merry deal

Who doesn’t like gifts? I know I do, but I may enjoy giving just a little bit more than receiving. Think about a thoughtful “thank you” gift to give your top clients this holiday season and send them out with enough time to get to them before the big holiday rush. This will allow your gift to be appreciated more before they are bombarded with mail (digital or snail variety). You don’t have to sell products to gift them with a special treat. Think about giving them an exclusive discount on your services or, even, branded, yet tasteful items that they can use year around. This is a win-win type of gift that allows your business to be seen by many, while also benefiting your client. Personalized gifts are always best.

With all successful things, planning is key. Use the next month or so to really dive into your marketing plan for the holiday season. You should aim to complete it prior to mid-October so you are set for the heavy hitting months of November and December. Are you a new business about to embark on your first official holiday season and not sure where to start when it comes to a holiday plan, let’s chat! I would love to help you build the holiday marketing plan that defines your brand while exuding holiday cheer.

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