How To Take Photos For Social Media

When it comes to sharing your business with the world, content is queen. From the keywords you use to the story you tell, it all matters. The verdict is still out on what’s most important when it comes to engaging your desired audience, but, to us, photos are the true winner to enchanting current and future clients, especially on platforms where photos rule (think IG and Snap). We understand that not all of us are born photographers with an eye for taking the perfect shot, but these tried-and-true tips for creating shots that convert will give you what you need to reign supreme on social.

Lighting leads the way

We don’t think you need extra lights or a fancy camera to take the shots you need to sell your products or services on social but be mindful of location and time of day when taking photos on your phone. Lighting plays a crucial role in making your photo pop or flop. Natural light can add the extra touch you need to make your picture special. Explore locations in your area (indoor and outdoor) that provide the best lighting and set up your shot with lighting as a key element. Lighting can act as a backdrop to a simple photo op or as a main player to illuminate your product against a simple background. Play around with lighting often and take a variety of shots to choose the best lit option for your post.

Angles add dimension

Think about the fun angles at play when taking a selfie. From an extended arm to one side to one slightly above your head, the angle of the shot adds a fun dimension to a simple photo, right? The same idea is true when it comes to shooting for your business. Angles add a professional touch to any photo. They increase the depth of your shot making it more intriguing to the viewer. Think of an angle as a way to highlight the key elements of your photo, while dropping all other smaller elements to the wayside. With angles you are, essentially, making your specific product the star of your shot.

Filters are your friend

If you are working with lighting and angles, but still feel like your picture could use a pick me up, filters can help. Whether you opt for a free or low-cost photo editor or want to go all in with high-end photo editing programs, filters will add the dimension you are looking for to kick your photos up a bit. If the additional apps feel like too much for you, use the filter options that are presets on each social platform. Play around with them until you achieve the look you want. Remember that filters act as the mood element to your photo. Bright filters can invoke feelings of happiness and positivity while darker and deeper filters can bring about feelings of mystery and subtly. Choose filters that speak to your brand voice and the message you are trying to convey. Colors play a huge role in the emotional attachment clients have to your brand and products. Don’t over filter as that can cause the photos to lose its credibility and create a mismatch in your caption to photo comparison.

Accessories are the best assistant

Remember when selfie sticks were all the rage? They may have been on to something when it comes to taking the perfect shot. Accessories, in and out of the photo, add the right amount of flair if you use them correctly (and in moderation!). Your photos should include the main feature of the photo with some additional elements that help to showcase the product (or service) you want to display. The elements of the photo should not outdo the main piece. Avoid cluttering the scene with too many pieces in the shot, especially if you are going for a clean and minimalist look based on brand aesthetic. Outside of the photo, photo accessories can help set the scene for an unforgettable shot. From ring lights to a tripod, you can use various accessories to help you get the shot you envision. Play around with some different accessories to find out what ones work best for you.

Taking the perfect picture for social can feel overwhelming, especially if you are not photo savvy or overly creative when it comes to setting the scene. Don’t stress it too much. You have created your business from the ground up and know it more than anyone else, so use your drive to try new features, filters and elements to create engaging photos that convert. Don’t be afraid to experiment with photo apps or accessories to add extras to your photo shoot. If you need inspiration or more guidance on taking the perfect IG worthy shot, reach out. I would love to help you turn your visions into the most beautiful social feed.

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