Intentional Inspiration: Keeping You and Your Social Media Inspired

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We’ve all been there, searching for the next idea or spark of inspiration for our next social media post. We want to motivate and convert. We want to bring smiles, hope and creative juices to the forefront in a time of uncertainty. We want to spill the tea on the latest trends in our industry. We know what we want, but we are feeling kind of stuck, right? I get it, especially right now. There are simple ways to push past the roadblock you’re veering into and create social content that meets the mark with every post. Following these simple, yet effective steps will keep your followers engaged and grow your brand awareness, while also adding some fun and positivity to people’s day.

Your social media presence is vital

I’ve talked about this before, I know, but I can’t stress it enough. Your presence across social media can make or break your brand. You need to create a strategy that works and that requires planning ahead for success. Try your best to plan out a month at a time, a month in advance. Yeah, things may come up that you want to include on social here and there, that you couldn’t plan for, but those are valid additions to an already solid plan, so don’t shy away from adding on. Start by picking a theme each month that showcases specific ideals of your company or industry. Do your research and target your ideal audience at the times that they are most engaged and eager to learn. That may look like planning your social posts for 5PM every Friday because your followers want to hear the scoop after a long work week. Use the free analytics that so many social platforms offer. You will learn a lot about what posts excite and what ones miss the mark. Regardless of what you choose to include, be consistent and post often to keep a solid social media presence.

Think outside the box

Honestly, how many times have you heard that statement? A lot, I am guessing, but it is on point. Don’t search for inspiration in the same outlets all the time, eventually, you will run out of ideas or fall into the trap of content exhaustion. Switch up the content you read, pick a new genre of movie to watch, follow new and inspiring leaders in your industry, dive into podcasts that inspire you to build and grow and spread your wings a bit. Learning something new is fun and floods your world with inspiration, I promise.

Stay connected to your industry

A plethora of knowledge can be gained by following others on a similar path. Stay up to date on the latest trends in your industry and how consumers are responding to them. What is inspiring your ideal target audience? What is sparking levels of curiosity and excitement? Through these discovery questions you can learn so much about what inspires your tribe, in turn, creating content that moves the needle. On the flip side, you can also learn about what is not working, from others, and avoid that completely.

Be vulnerable and within reach

Share a behind the scenes look at your business. Engaging your following with real-time details makes them feel more connected to you. Being open, raw and honest with how you run your business creates a level of trust between you and your following. You instantly boost your approachability, communication and connection to anyone who discovers your posts. Consider doing this at least once a month, as part of your social strategy, to maintain authenticity and maintain high levels of engagement.

No one is inspired all the time. It takes creativity, initiative and commitment to keep your social posts flowing with grace and inspiration. Stay connected to your industry, engage with your following often and plan your posts ahead of time to ensure a consistent level of inspiration is always flowing on your social platforms. Need more inspiration to get started? I would love to help! Let’s collaborate today to get your social media plan and order and ready to inspire.

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