Marketing For Yourself: The Essentials

As we are navigating the world of all things marketing, to build our business and create a solid brand footprint in our respected niche, there are so many elements we need to maintain to ensure we are putting our best foot forward. Insert venti latte with a double shot here please. It’s exhausting to juggle, right? Don’t stress over trying to get every detail off without a hitch, instead, pay attention to the essentials to grow and build with your current and future client base.

Connection is key

As you move down your checklist of all the tasks you need to complete to keep your business booming, don’t forget the most important part: your clients. Connecting with them consistently is key to building brand-loyal relationships for you and your business. The ultimate success goal we have is to create brand enthusiasts who love what we offer and gush about us to others. We want to feel like a key piece in the happiness of someone else’s life. To do that, we have to make our clients feel heard, seen and wanted. You’ve built the social platforms you need, so use them to your advantage and simply connect. Respond to post comments, re-share feel-good shoutouts, celebrate client’s happy moments and engage with them daily. Every interaction is a chance for you to build your business, thus, playing directly into your marketing goals of building your brand.

Create a website that converts

How many times have you started your own personal research on a brand through their website? That’s usually my go-to to check out what a brand has to offer. A website, if created with functionality and a client-first approach in mind, can tell a brand story and market for itself. You can build a solid brand for clients that know your story, but a website is a must-have to grow your footprint. Update your site often to match current trends in your market. Make sure your site is easy to navigate through with many options to connect with you via social media or through email. Share details about your back story, brand values and must-haves on the most trafficked pages. Consider a four-season refresh, where you trend with the seasons, making updates to match. This will give both current and future clients something to look forward to and boost website traffic all year long. Your website should be your brand story that can be picked up by anyone, at any point, and tells them everything they need to know about you and your products or services. Use your website as the basis to create your social media posts so that clients can seamlessly transition between each while still connecting directly to your brand.

Capture relevant details

What information are you asking for from those who visit your site or socials? Capturing the right information can lead to a plethora of opportunities for your business. Don’t miss the small details in asking for client’s opinions on IG polls, e-mail addresses to blog subscriptions, reviews on your FB page or their thoughts on their past interactions. Knowing what your clients want (and don’t want!) gives you the inside scoop of what happiness looks like to your target audience. You can use this information to come up with new ways to engage your favorite people and new products that make them love you even more. Talk about a win-win!

Keeping your clients at the forefront of your marketing efforts is the key to overall business success, no matter what niche you work in. Understanding that you don’t have to panic over every detail to create a solid marketing plan is key to not losing your mind in the process (I’m half kidding about that part). Really, though, don’t feel like you need to reach burnout mode to get to your target audience and create a large brand footprint. Loving the idea of a website refresh, but not sure what needs to be updated to reach a higher conversion rate? That’s what I am here for. Reach out and let’s chat about what we can do to market your business today.

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