Social Media Steps That Matter

So, you’ve got a profitable business, products and services that are taking off, a client base that adores your work and a space that compliments all of the aforementioned details, but you are unsure of where to start when it comes to promoting your business to current and future clients via social media. The basic premise that you feel you understand well is the expectation that the more you post, the more engagement you'll get. The more you engage, the more engagement you'll get. You engage in social listening and do the same thing as your competitor. It should work, right? Well, maybe, but not to the level you want or need.

Engagement, consistent posting and social listening are all important steps to implement, but there needs to be specific strategy behind it, otherwise you won't get the return on your time. Before beginning to plan out your social media strategy you should establish and define key aspects to ensure success.


Ask yourself what your goal is with promotion via social media outlets. Are you looking to engage your current client base to keep them well-informed, connected and secure? Are you aiming to grow your followers with new prospects who have never experienced your products or services? Maybe it’s a mix of both options, which can be a goal in itself. A simple balance between pulling in prospects while keeping your current clients’ lifecycle alive long after their purchase is completed. Whatever your goal is, it should be defined early in the strategy process as it will lead the way for all other steps.

Buyer Persona

In the most basic sense, this is a fictional representation of your ideal client. Early on in your strategy this should be defined so that you understand who your target audience is moving forward. Although sharing your content across numerous markets is great, it’s a waste of time if you are not engaging the market that will covert and make your business successful. What does your ideal client look like? What makes them perfect for your business? Why is your business important to them?


Part of your strategy should be centered around timelines. How often do you want to post? What time of day are most of your prospects or clients most engaged on social media? Timing and frequency are important and solely based on your target market. You want to be consistent and predictable in the amount of engagement you provide without being over the top. Posting too often can cause burnout to certain target audiences so understand who you want to reach and the needs and wants that they have. Conversely, posting too little can cause you to lose your reach and following. Find a happy medium that works and stick to it. This may take a bit of trial and error.


Understanding your target audience is essential to a successful social media strategy. Determine what platforms your client base and prospects use most often and focus your time and energy there. Avoid platforms that do not fit into your target audience’s usage as you will lose time and energy extending your reach to platforms that are not accessed often.


If you do not understand how to use keywords in your content to enhance search engine optimization you are losing potential clients. Lack of appropriate keywords within your content drops you lower in the search engine reducing your chances of being found by organic traffic during a standard search engine query. Prior to creating your content for social media, website or blog content pick keywords or phrases that describe what your content covers. Be specific and relevant! Once your keywords are chosen, use them through each piece of content to increase optimization.


Speaking of content… All content needs to be useful, relevant and thoughtful. When creating a post make sure that it speaks to your client base. You want to provide relevant information that helps solve a problem or grow a higher level of understanding around a specific topic. Useful information receives more reads, shares and subscribers. Relate to your audience and be original. Use images when appropriate. Make sure each piece of content has a specific business goal in mind as well.

Creating a clean, clear and effective social media strategy sets your business up for years of success if implemented with your client and goals in mind. Understand your market, create content that empowers and integrate your strategy into your business plan. If you’re unsure where to start or how to update your current plan, let’s chat!

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