Social Media Trends in the Health and Beauty Industry

Each new season brings about fresh new trends in every market. This ideal is especially true in the health and beauty industry where professionals are continually growing in their field and learning new and better techniques to get a leg up in their industry. Although we see these trends within the industry, from the latest, greatest facials to the obsession with balayage, there are also specific social media trends to lookout for and utilize in your marketing strategy to grow and engage your following. Remember: some trends hold strong for many seasons and should be kept on your radar for the foreseeable future.

The brand to consumer connection has moved to the forefront

Over half of buyers follow their brand across social media platforms to some degree. This connection, alone, allows brands to stay directly connected to each one of their buyers (potential and current). A wealth of information about your brand, your story, your products and your services can (and should) be told through your social media. Buyers feel more connected to brands that frequently post on their social channels and engage with their audience, from comment replies to re-shares of their story about your brand, they want to feel brand attention.

DIYs are making their mark

COVID-19 turned the entire world upside down. Due to this, brands had to shift their focus and tactics to meet the demands of the market. The newest trend to emerge from this, within the health and beauty industry, is DIY videos shared on lives or stories across social media. Consumers order your products and follow the step-by-step guide created for them to recreate the look at home. This new trend opened up another outlet for spotlight in what, sometimes, feels like a saturated market. If you decide to go this route, even post quarantine, remember to be personable, speak to your audience in the same brand voice and tone you use in your other social posts and save the videos for future use. Expert tip: be prepared prior to recording. Set the space, prep your lines and stay on task throughout.

Transparency = #Winning

Behind the scenes, get to know us personally is the new rage. Another facet to upping your brand transparency is within the ingredients you use. Now, more than ever, from meals to daily moisturizers, consumers are ingredient-focused. Give them what they want. Be open with your consumers about who you are and what you produce. Transparency builds trust. Through your social media campaign incorporate ways to be more transparent with your consumers. Teach them about your processes, share success stories with them, give them the inside scoop to what makes you, you.

Minimalism is materializing

How refreshing it is to scroll through an Instagram account that makes sense? From clean lines to continual color matching through each post, your brand story can be told just through the symmetry of your images. As a world, we are currently in search of the easiest approach to handle our health and beauty regime. Simply put, we are looking for clean lines in our lives too. We don’t have the time or energy to spend on ten step regimes just to stay in the house, right? We want the pamper-and-go technique that helps us feel amazing and refreshed without being too over the top.

This same idea holds true when it comes to the way brands are portraying their image via social media. In an effort to remain personable and in-the-now brands are shifting to a more minimalistic approach through social platforms. Keeping it simple, avoiding busy imagery and flowery wording allows you to share your brand without feeling overwhelming or “too much” to the consumer. Stay genuine while keeping it real.

Staying on trend and evolving your brand to adapt to new trends (and environmental factors!) are keys to success in creating a social media plan that works. Stay up to date on social media trends by being a lifelong learner within your industry. If you are unsure of what trends may work for your business or want to shift your brand to be more in line with current trends, I would love to help you navigate that. Get in touch with me today to collaborate on your next social media campaign.

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