5 Steps To Creating A Social Media Presence For Your Salon

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

1. Establish your ideal client.

Determining your ideal client is standard practice across all businesses providing a service or product. Completing this exercise will provide you with the best customer for your service, and will allow you to market yourself and advertise more effectively. Think about where they are located, where they like to shop, what their hobbies are, what their disposable income is, what values are important to them, etc. It sometimes help to name this client, so as you're creating your marketing strategy you can ask yourself if this is something "Insert Name Here" would engage with. (Note: it may be possible that you have more than one ideal client.)

2. Create your brand aesthetic/voice.

Creating your aesthetic is all about visually translating your brand identity to your ideal client. A simpler way to put it would be, what's your vibe? Are you fun and funky? Or are you modern and minimalist? All of your content should take direction from this, from your voice to logo, from color palette to content.

This process can be completely overwhelming. A great tool to get started is Pinterest. You can create and refine multiple mood boards without any commitment.

3. Focus on photography.

You can have the best stylists in the region, you can have the most beautiful salon too, but if you don't have quality photos you won't attract your ideal client. Be mindful of lighting, backgrounds, and any distracting elements. The hair, spa service or stylist should be the focus. Social media acts more as your portfolio now than an actual portfolio does, so only posting your best work is also essential.

4. Be consistent. Post regularly.

It's important to be realistic about your time and resources. Many businesses will start off with a bang, posting every day or multiple times a day, and slowly dwindle off. Your existing and potential clients should know how often they can expect to see new content. If you post only 3 times per week, that fine, as long as you are consistent and it's high-quality content. If social media is something that you are ready to take on, there are a number of scheduling platforms that allow you to plan ahead.

5. Engagement is key.

Social media gives you the unique opportunity to not only showcase your work, but it also allows you to interact with the very people you're trying to reach. Reach out to potential clients, encourage them to contact you, and always respond to questions and comments in a timely manner!

Bonus Step: Don't be afraid to have some fun with social media! Behind-the-scenes images, tutorials, testimonials and transformations are all great options for content.

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