5 Ways to Protect Your Hair This Winter!

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Shampoo less.

Shampooing less can help with a dry scalp and dry, frizzy hair. If you wash your hair every day, try washing it every other day. In addition to dry shampoo, try out a couple new hairstyles to help you through this transition period.

Give your hair a break from heat styling.

Heat styling is damaging to your hair all year round but can be especially so when your hair is fragile. If you do need to use heat styling tools, make sure to use protective styling products beforehand.


Hydrate your hair with a weekly mask. Masks will moisturize and protect your hair and will help relieve any scalp dryness. If you do nothing else, this is an easy add to your weekly routine.

Give the blonde a break.

Going darker for fall and winter isn’t just a reflection of our time under the sun. Bleaching your hair strips it of its moisture, so stylists suggest giving your hair a break during the drying winter months.

Don’t leave the house with wet hair!

You’ve heard this time and again from concerned parents fretting about cold season. But take it from us, going outside with wet hair is just as bad for your hair. It’s simple science - when water freezes, it expands. When your hair freezes, it expands and breaks. If you’re trying to avoid heat styling as well, let your hair air-dry overnight.

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