This Is Why You Should Be Using Instagram Stories

Have you used IG stories for your business or personal social posts lately? If not, you may be missing out on a fun, easy (and free!) engagement tool, especially when it comes to sharing your business with the world.

For a while, posts with photos were all the rage. From sharing on IG to FB, a photo with text is what got the word out. Over the last year or so, stories have made their mark across various social media platforms and have grown so big that platforms, such as FB, are adding them to their engagement options. IG has even implemented a 15 or 30 second version, known as a reel, that allows you to share your most important content in a short time period (think: IG’s version of a TikTok video), which is the most popular format for Gen Z right now.

What is an IG story?

In the simplest terms, IG stories are featured photos or videos that appear at top of the app screen and disappear within 24 hours. You can add filters, gifs, text, polls, countdowns, questions and audio to each story clip based on the content you want to provide. These stories are pretty customizable and fun for the viewer. The best part? You can see who has viewed your story along with full details on engagement metrics.

Can I save my story?

Yes! You are able to save your stories to a highlights album that appears on your main IG profile. Current and potential followers can watch your highlights for an indefinite amount of time. This allows you to create a history of stories in a specific genre highlight that features your most important content callouts.

What engagement metrics are pulled from stories?

About 40% of IG users have said that watching a company’s story has led them to become more interested in the brand. That’s a pretty big deal when you are trying to extend your brand footprint. Stories allow an IG user to stay up to date on what you have to offer, while offering them an instant peek into your brand, no scroll required. The engagement metrics that IG tracks are wonderful in helping you understand how your stories are being seen.

Metrics include:

· Views

· Overall reach

· Profile visits

· Follows

· Website visits

· Story Replies (DMs)

· Forwards

· Exits

This plethora of data can give you added insight into your ideal clientele base and current trends in your respective niche. Use these to your advantage to get a leg up in your market. Cater to your followers (current and future!) by sharing what they love most. The more stories you post, the more trends you will encounter. Start today.

Here are my top 5 reasons to use IG stories

1. By appearing at the top of the app, your business is never too far out of reach. By creating stories daily, you stay at the top of the app and the top of buyer’s minds.

2. IG stories diversify your marketing strategy. This option is another outlet to share your business with the world. The more people who know about you, the larger your market footprint becomes.

3. Connection! There may not be an easier way to connect with your target audience. They can DM you, share and comment on your story, like or love what you’ve shared; The connection opportunities are endless. There is no better way to boost engagement than by staying connected to your tribe.

4. Stories add a pop of fun to your perfected IG feed. The scroll factor on your profile is everything. The colors, tones, lighting and message should all be brand specific and actionable with each post. Stories allow you to venture away from your beautiful profile feed to create fun and playful messages and videos. Use the IG story features to your advantage and have some fun with your audience.

5. Did you know that 15-25% of story viewers swipe up on provided links? Stories help you convert on products and services by featuring them exclusively to your target audience. The biggest generations are looking to stories over feed and want to learn about what you have to offer.

Navigating, what feels like, a new level of social media can feel overwhelming. If you need some inspiration on creating IG stories that excite or want to learn how IG stories can help grow your business, reach out. I would love to help you add IG stories to your marketing plan for 2021.

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