Why Is Your Social Media Presence SO Important?

We live in a fully digital age. People use the internet, social media and virtual tools to educate themselves on anything from breaking news, scholarly research or a delicious new dinner recipe to the latest trends in the beauty industry. Everything you need to know about anything is literally at your fingertips with one quick browser search. Creating and maintaining solid footing in the nonstop digital world is vital to a business’ success. In fact, many believe that without a social media presence brands are quickly looked over and perceived as less trustworthy, lacking authenticity and mediocre, at best. The consumer market wants to feel heard and cared for, while getting answers to any of their questions (or searches) in seconds, and that can be done through social media.

Brand awareness equals prospect conversion

Before a prospect turns into a potential client a lot of behind the scenes research is done. A client wants to feel comfortable in their choice, understand the brand ideals and know what you’re about before purchasing your product or booking your services. Brand awareness plays a huge part in teaching prospects about your business. In short, your social media presence can sell your business to a prospect before they even speak to you directly. When first researching a company, most people check out their social media, even before their direct website. If growing your client base is essential, build your social media to match. If you stay consistent with your brand voice, presence and social media status, your brand can become synonymous with your specific industry.

Direct communication is the answer

Let’s be honest, people want interaction. They want to be heard from brands they love. They want to be included and responded to. Actively engaging your following on social media is essential to your brand authenticity. Through fluid communication you learn how your clients are feeling about your products and services, what works and what doesn’t, and can, even, gain possible ideas to use to leverage your future business plan. Consistent social media engagement ups your brand awareness to both current and future clients. Stay present, interact and communicate often.

Post insights provide viable performance metrics

Knowing what’s important to your brand followers is imperative to your overall success. Using the tools that are part of social media business accounts (think: reach, impressions, views, likes, shares) provide you with direct details on what followers are feeling. Understanding your target audience is crucial to grow your brand and it can start by understanding what products and services stand out.

Reaching a larger audience grows your brand awareness

Social media puts you in a realm where literally anyone can check out what you have to offer. How exciting is that? Targeting a specific group of people gets a whole lot bigger when you can include all regions of the world. Posting relevant, relatable content on a consistent basis is key to grow your social following. Understanding who you target audience is, allows you to post content that converts. The more followers you have the larger your brand awareness becomes. Every step has a trickle effect that leads to big overall results for your business.

Social media is a game changer for your business if you understand the metrics, communicate effectively with your followers and post insightful content that teaches others about what you have to offer. If you are unsure of where to begin, how to update your current platforms to generate higher growth or would love a review of your current process, I’d love to chat with you today. Let’s get your social media to the next level, together!

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